What is Special Education?

The words “special education” used to evoke images of contained classrooms of children that were removed from the general school population. Often riding in separate buses, eating lunch in their classrooms and generally differentiated from the school community, these children were naturally stigmatized. That system, while well-meaning, offered students who were already challenged little hope for success or even integration into society.

Reading Program Autism

Today’s “special education” begins with each child’s individual needs. Methods of teaching and of delivering help when required are as varied as the individual students they serve. Essential Skills has been at the forefront of this shift, developing educational software that’s accessible to students with special needs, including reading programs ideal for students with autism.

Types Of Special Education Services

The type and degree of assistance a student receives is determined by their level of need, specific disabilities and strengths, and ultimately their individualized education program (IEP). 

To read more, click this link:- https://essentialskills.com/blog/what-is-special-education

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